Our Purpose

Transforming a Community

It’s not just a handout; it’s a hand up. No one wants to live in a crime ridden, poor environment. For those who come to us, they are not just looking for help; they are looking for a transformation to a better life. And we believe everyone deserves a lifestyle where they are safe from harm and have the basic needs of clean water, nutritious meals, and a warm bed.

We also realize they need the emotional and spiritual support to overcome the obstacles they face. And they need educational awareness and life skills to fully transition.

At Restoration Storehouse Center, we help families and individuals in Rockdale and surrounding counties transform to a better life through our collaboration of six core non-profit partners. The odds are better when there are organizations collaborating together to give those in need a hand up.

The Process

Restoration Storehouse Center is the place individuals and families can come to not only get their feet on the ground but to also work through the process of transitioning into a better life on their own. That process begins when we provide the essentials to help stabilize those in need. We provide food, financial support, and basic care to handle their immediate needs. We offer programs for summer kid’s lunches, clothing distribution, and medical and dental care. We give them motivation and education to build self-confidence and enrich their lives. And then we teach them how to be responsible so they can work and support themselves and their family.

Leveraging the Power of Collaboration

When someone is in need, life is already overwhelming to them without a scattered search for help. Restoration Storehouse Center bridges the gaps for those in need by providing connections to multiple resources in one place. We provide a wealth of knowledge and life skills to learn. With our collaboration, they don’t have to search all over Rockdale. Our combined resources are right down the hall. By leveraging all of our partners’ abilities and purposes in one location, we find better solutions that address the entire problem.

Our collaboration involves six different non-profit partners:

  • Mercy Heart Clinic
  • New Covenant Fellowship
  • One Heart Ministries Inc
  • Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale
  • Rockdale Coalition for Families and Children
  • Rockdale Emergency Relief

Your Investment Can Help Transform a Community

For our partners to work together, we need your support. Your investment provides essential resources and tools for those in need in Rockdale and surrounding counties. Our goal is to provide a hand up to those committed to working hard and overcoming obstacles so they and their families can have a better way of life.